2017 AAGI Annual Reunion Picnic



2017 AAGI Annual Reunion Picnic

November 11, 2017
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Pera Club Park
1 Continental Dr — Tempe AZ 85281




Wow — hard to believe it is time for the picnic again — Come celebrate with us!! Come past the guard shack and into the parking lot on the right. Please pay your admission to the AAGI volunteers as you walk out of the parking lot (please note our payment to Pera is based on head count so please don’t forget to pay).
Pera Park has plenty of room for all of our activities and lots of shade. However you still might want to bring umbrellas or small pop-ups plus blankets or chairs for sitting on the lawn.

Please Read ALL — we have made some changes that we hope will improve the Picnic for you

A Picnic Box Lunchbox-lunch
We are providing a Boxed Lunch for $8.00 from Port of Subs that includes a Medium Sub, Sun Chips and a Cookie. You will have your choice of Turkey w/ Provolone, Roast Beef w/ Provolone, Smoked Ham w/ Swiss or Vegetarian (3 Cheese w/ Avocado). NOTE: The Box Lunch Option has Closed. There will be very limited options available on-site.

A selection of sodas will be available on-site for $1. You are still welcome to bring your own picnic lunch and FREE WATER will be available. No alcoholic beverages please.

New This Year
Greyhound Guidance: Short talks with Q&A on dog related topics.  This year we are featuring Zenergy Dog training. Bring your questions and get some guidance!

Shop, Shop, Shop!!20151106-img_3271

A wonderful opportunity to find just the right greyhound item for your Christmas list!! AAGI will have many of your favorites including new AAGI T-shirts w/ Logo, Greyhound Jewelry, Greyhound Cards and 2018 Celebrating Greyhounds Calendars. Returning vendors such as Greyhound Studies, Designer Dog, Aid 4 Greys (who donates 50% of their sales to AAGI), Hound St Boutique and more. All vendors donate a portion of their proceeds to AAGI so we appreciate you supporting them!!

Come visit the raffle table & check out all the Goodies. Tickets are $1 each or 12 for $10. We will draw tickets every half hour throughout the day with the largest prize  being drawn at 1:45pm.

We will have a container in front of each item where you can put your tickets and you will be drawn for that item ONLY. Once that item is gone remaining tickets will be put in a “general” draw for a final prize to be drawn at 1:45pm.

Available Hounds
The perfect place to find the next love sponge to fill your couch! Grab a flyer with all of them listed and look for the hounds wearing “Adopt Me” coats. If you fall in love just add your name and phone number to the back of their “dance card”. You will be contacted on Sunday. Being the first to sign up doesn’t guarantee you will get that dog — we try for the best fit for everyone.

Nail Clinic
Get your Greyhound Pedicure for $5 (5 tickets). Sorry we do not accept the Free Trim Nail Cards at the picnic.

Blur of Fur
Everybody´s favorite, including the dogs. Compete on a 50 yard course to see who still has their moves!! We are using the same course for the costume contest, senior parade, etc. so get your Blur on early before we close down. Blur will run from 10:00am ’til 11:30am and from 12:30pm to 1:30pm — last entry at 1:15pm. Winners will be announced at approximately 1:30pm.

Fun and Games
We have several games for your greyhound to play that will keep you and your hound entertained. Most games are $1 and we use tickets. Buy your tickets at the Ramada.

Bob For Hot Dogs 1 Tix
Keep what you catch!! The greyhounds love this always popular game. Your greyhound gets 3 tries & can keep what they catch.
Can I stay here all day Bobbing for dogs

What Will You Eat? 1 Tix
Items will be offered to see which greyhounds will eat the oddest things (nothing harmful)! Winner will be announced after the costume contest.
You are what you eat

What Are Your Stats?? 1 Tix 
Do you think your greyhound has “The longest or shortest tail?” “The longest or shortest nose?” “Is the tallest?” etc, etc. Bring them over & get them measured. Winners in each category will be announced following the Costume Contest.

Kissing Champion 1 Tix
Do you have a kissing greyhound (or at least one who will lick peanut butter!). Whoever licks the most in 30 seconds wins the prize! Winners announced after the Costume Contest.

Kissing Sign

Can You Catch?? 1 Tix
can your GH snag treats out of the air?? See how many they can successfully catch in 15 seconds — the owner gets a piece of human candy for each catch. And of course the hound gets to eat their treats.

New This Year! – 11 am

A brief talk about training by Zenergy Dog Training Rehabilitation and Wellness followed by a question and answer session. Bring your questions for the experts!

Zenergy Dog Training Rehabilitation and Wellness.  We’re honored to be your personal Phoenix dog training experts and we’re excited about showing you & your dog how to have your best lives together.  Whether you’re at your wits end with severe behavior issues or you just have a dog being a spastic goofball, there’s nothing more rewarding to us than helping people & dogs bridge the communication gap and reach their full potential.

Recognition, Contests & Ceremonies

Senior Strut Recognition – 11:30am

Recognition of all our older kids (over age 10). It is always fun to see the many older dogs strut their stuff in the ring. All seniors get Senior Tags plus the Oldest Senior gets special recognition.

You can register your Senior in 3 ways: 1) Pre-register and not have to worry about it that day. Just email this sentence“(your name), Senior Name & Age 2) Sign up at the Admission Table as you come in 3) Sign up in the Ticket Area during the event.

Not stopping to chew

Annual Costume Contest – 11:50am
Always a hoot. We have had movie/music stars and divas, a greyhound bus, a picnic table, a bunch of grapes, racing poodles, gypsies, tramps and thieves! Where can your imagination take us this year??? Don´t miss out on the fun!

You can sign up for the Costume Contest in 3 ways: 1) Pre-register and not have to worry about it that day. Just email this sentence“(your name), Greyhound Name & Costume 2) Sign up at the Admission Table as you come in 3) Sign up in the Game Area during the event.2) Sign up at the Admission Table as you come in 3) Sign up in the Ticket Area during the event.

1:30pm Announcement of Winners in the Kissing Contest, What Did You Eat Contest, Stats Competition, Blur of Fur and Costume Contest

Volunteer Recognition – 12:10pm
A time to thank all of those who continue to offer their time to make AAGI the successful program we are.

Parade of Available Dogs – 1:45pm
Your last chance to grab one!!!

Blessing of the Hounds & Bell Ceremony for our Bridge Companions  – 1:50pm

We will honor our hounds who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge from November 2016 – November 2017. Your greyhound´s name(s) will be read as part of this touching ceremony. You can register your greyhound to have their name read in 3 ways: 1) Pre-register and not have to worry about it that day. Just email this information to CoordinatorGreyhound Name, Your Name, Date of Crossing the Bridge. 2) Sign up at the Admission Table as you come in 3) Sign up in the Ticket Area during the event.
Following the reading of the names there will be a blessing  of the hounds, conducted by the Rev. Tom Martinez of Desert Palm United Church of Christ. Followed by the traditional ending ROO!

This Year we will have our ROO! in honor of our Kari Young who crossed the bridge to join her beloved Greyhounds on Christmas Day 2016.




Our Supporters & Vendors

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