Odors and Stains

How can you get rid of embarrassing pet odors?
(Reprinted with permission by Joe Felish, owner of Glendale Pet Shop, 5128 W. Northern Avenue, Glendale)

Luckily for the olfactory-sensitive, Felish says, there have been major advanced in odor-control products in the 30 years he’s been in business. One of his favorite natural products is called Zeolite. Even astronauts use it to freshen their close quarters, he says. It comes in pads for pens, in rock form to put inside aquariums and in powder form for carpets.

Felish says odors are harder to fight in carpeted homes than those with uncovered floors. But there’s no need to tile everything. Even Felish has some carpet in his store. He recommends a liquid product that eats the organic matter that causes the odor in these more challenging areas. Although it may sound scary, Felish says the liquid is non-toxic and won’t damage anything else. It is marketed through several brand names, including Nature’s Miracle. Be sure to really saturate the area for best results.

For stains on carpets:

Heres a little trick that REALLY works —

* 16 oz Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with
* 1 Tablespoon Ammonia
* completely soak the area to be cleaned and cover with 2″ stack of white paper towels
* leave several hours or overnight and the stain will “wick” up into the paper towels
* works on ALL body fluids and doesn’t damage the carpet — altho’ it doesn’t hurt to test a hidden area if you’re nervous