Racing Records & Tattoos

It can be fun after adopting your new family member to check out how they did on the race track, follow-up on their pedigree, or check for siblings. AAGI usually doesn’t get race records from the kennel, and until recently it had been difficult to find this information. Unfortunately, unlike the horse racing industry, dog race records are not kept by a central agency.

Here is a place to check out your greyhound’s history:

Greyhound-Data is an well maintained site that can give you pedigree, racing records, siblings and lots of interesting information. The site generally does not include dogs who raced prior to 1994. You can also search by Racing name or Tattoo. You have to register to look beyond their pedigree but that is only cause the site owners had some issues with anti-racing people erasing records.

National Greyhound Association

You can call NGA at (785) 263-4660 or and ask for Identification. Give them both tattoo numbers (also on the pink copy of your AAGI contract), and they should be able to give you the correct spelling.

What if I lost my adoption contract copy?
You can email AAGI, or call (602) 971-6935, and ask to have the tattoos or racing name looked up. Note: This only applies to those who have adopted through Arizona Adopt A Greyhound. Others need to call the agency they adopted from. You can also just look in your greyhound’s ears for the tattoos. If they are difficult to read you can rub them with a little vegetable oil and then shine a flashlight through the ear from behind the tattoo – that usually makes them readable.

What do those tattoos mean again?
Just in case you forgot, the tattoo in your greyhounds Left Ear is it’s Litter Number – all greyhounds in the same litter have the same number. It is usually a 5 digit number. The number in the Right Ear is their date of birth (never more than 3 digits plus 1 alpha) – month of birth, last digit of the year of birth and an alpha character signifying the order they were tattooed. For example a 68A dog is born in June (6th month), 1998, and was the first (A) to be tattooed. If the ink has faded and number can’t be read, use a flashlight and shine light through the back of the dog’s ear.

Register Your Greyhound Pet:

If you would like to have your greyhound officially registered in your name by NGA, and receive a suitable-for-framing registration certificate, contact AAGI (602-971-6935) for the proper forms. You will need to call NGA to get the record holder’s name and address, then send the form to them for signing (we send detailed instructions to you with the form). The cost is $30 and $10 is donated to AAGI if you list us as the agency you adopted from.