Our Process

Note:  Due to the increased interest in Greyhound adoptions, we now have over 250 applications on file and there are very few hounds left to be adopted. Please be aware that if your are in an apartment or have very specific needs we may not be able to find a hound for you.

Note: Our adoption fee is $500 which includes spay or neuter surgery, full dental, all vaccinations, toenail trim, microchip, and a martingale collar, leash and ID Tag. Plus, of course, you are getting a healthy, purebred dog that will be your loving companion for many years along with the ongoing support of an organization dedicated to making your adoption successful.

First Step:  The first step is completing our On-Line Application. Please note that filling out the application is the first step in the process and does not obligate you, once approved, to proceed with adoption if you change your mind; you may change your mind or postpone at any time in the process. You will get a confirmation email with these same steps upon receipt of your application.

Second Step:  (Updated) Our Adoption Coordinator who will want to learn more about your household, lifestyle, and needs in a new family pet. Due to the large volume of applications we’ve received, this will NOT happen until you are nearing the front of the line.  He will make three attempts to contact you after which we will decide you have changed your mind if there has been no response. If your application has been approved for adoption, he will answer any questions you have about Greyhounds, talk to you about any specifics you have regarding adoption, such as are you active? A jogger? More quiet? Live in an apartment? General lifestyle and household. He will also review the other pets you have in the home and the number and ages of children.

Attending our Friday Night Meet & Greet (currently suspended due to the Pandemic) is a great alternative to waiting for a phone call. You’ll not only get a chance to see what Greyhounds are like once they’ve acclimated to your home, you’ll also get a chance to go over your application with our Coordinator ahead of time!

He will ask you to set a date for our Orientation (see below). Although you may do the Orientation at the same time as your adoption, we encourage you to do it in advance. It will help you know if a greyhound is indeed the right pet for you, how to prepare for your new family member, and dispel any misconceived ideas you might have about Greyhounds. Coming to Orientation also shows us you are serious and helps us better match you with your pet.

Third Step: The Adoption Coordinator will evaluate the available dogs that we have up for adoption and select those that would be a good match for your situation. He will contact you with one or more choices for you to consider, and will provide you with information on their personality, and appropriateness for other pets and children in the household. We do not have a central holding facility where our dogs are housed, so we do not have the luxury to allow you to meet, look at and pick out the specific dog in advance — since 1990 we have successfully placed dogs by phone with descriptions and pictures. You can make a request for a dog from the website that has caught your eye, but it is our Adoption Coordinator’s job to make sure each greyhound is a good fit for each household. He is our Matchmaker!!

Once you decide a specific greyhound is the one you want, our Adoption Coordinator will set a date and time for your adoption. We do ALL adoptions on Friday evenings after 4:30 pm at PetCo at 1835 E Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ (corner of McClintock & Guadalupe). The foster family will bring your greyhound to PetCo and that is when you will meet your new pet. Obviously, if you do not like the dog and change your mind, we won’t force you to take the dog home — but we have to tell you that is a very rare event.

The Orientation: We REQUIRE that all new AAGI adopters (even if you have had greyhounds from a different organization) take our New Adopter Orientation which is held Friday evenings at 6:00 pm at PetCo on McClintock & Guadalupe in Tempe (we now offer virtual Orientations via web meetings). The presentation lasts about one hour and fifteen minutes and is intended to inform you what to expect when adopting a retired racing greyhound, including their background and some of the things that make them unique from other dog breeds. We encourage you to do this prior to your adoption night. This is also an excellent place to learn more if you are not sure a Greyhound is right for you.

We want to make your adoption process smooth and successful and we hope we are building relationships that will last for many years.

You may call (602) 971-6935 or email AAGI@arizonaadoptagreyhound.org for information and someone will get back to you. Generally speaking, if you just follow the process above you will get all your questions answered along the way.